Okay, it so happened that I was on a call the other day with my wife for and I went into m room to talk with her. After I came back from my room, my mom asked a question - Mom:"Why do you have to go into the room to talk to your wife? cant you talk in front of us?" Me (in an angry tone):"You know what type of things husband and wife talk, so i went inside" Mom: "No you go in your room every time she calls.. are you plotting something behind my back that you always talk in private" Me: "Why do you think like that? Am I not your son? Don't you believe in me?" etc.. and the conversation ended. The next morning she called me to talk and I went obediently, she started crying and told "yesterday night I cried.. I tried to control my tears but I could not.. You made me cry.. ALL THE GOOD DEEDS YOU HAVE DONE TILL DATE WILL BE NULLIFIED BY ALLAH.. because you have hurt your mother.."

Can someone please clarify whether this statement is true, that a person who hurts her mother's feelings and makes her cry, all his good deeds will be washed away?

Reference to exact Hadith or Quranic verse will be much appreciated

Thanks. Peace be on all of you.

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