I don’t have any issues with my dad, i want him to be there and all that but I don’t want his consent to get married, or any man’s. I find it incredibly misogynistic, my consent is the only consent that matters. So when i get married can i do it without my father’s or any man’s consent.

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    Feb 8, 2021 at 14:27
  • Be aware that the consent of scholars is that a marriage of an inexperienced woman can't get married by her own and the formal agreement of her guardian is necessary for nikah being valid.
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    Feb 8, 2021 at 14:28
  • You say: "but I don’t want his consent to get married, or any man’s." and I ask, jokingly: "not even the consent of the man you would be marrying?" I feel pity for your future husband ;-) . Apr 14 at 23:44

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Of the four madhabs, Hanafi allows some leeway here while the other three require the consent of your wali. Regarding Hanafi, https://daruliftaa.com/nikah-marriage/does-the-hanafi-school-encourage-marriage-without-the-guardians-approval/ covers the details better than i could, alhamdulilah.

Bear in mind this is Allah's law. I would advise against thinking badly of it like you alude to in your wording. You should be happy, for He knows what's best for us and only means good for us. I encourage you to read that link with an open mind to see the wisdom behind this condition.


Misogyny is hatred towards women. Allah has prohibited this, and more than that, Allah said that we, men, should always protect you.

Divorce rate shows you, that young women can’t quite understand all the real red flags that lie behind the mask of a perfect fiancée, and Allah has commanded that parents are to find a fiancé for their daughter. They should follow the rules of Islam and find a good man with dignity and faith in his heart. With pure intentions etc…

For ages this was not a problem for intellectual human beings, but our ignorant and yet arrogant generation decided, that we somehow know life better than those who survived the sabertooth tigers’ time and lots of wars and global disasters. We don’t, if you want to know, we don’t know it better than our ancestors. We actually know it far worse and crooked by the feminists, ABCDE+++ and other woke groups.

If you dig deep enough into the roots and the statistics behind every single argument you have against it - you will see the truth that lies where no light shines because some woke groups broke the lightbulb.

Be wise, sister, don’t mean to be rude to you, but be wiser than just assuming and calling God’s word misogynistic.

May Allah guide you into the truth.

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