My dad is an abuser. He hits and tortures my mother. He doesn't let her offer her prayers peacefully. He says you have become a saint who can't function at all and are of no use to the family. He calls her a psychopath. He uses foul language with us. I have started to hate him. I tell my mother to leave him and we all can live alone but she's scared of how we'll manage because we won't have money. But I tell her that even in Islam 'zulm sehna gunnah hai.' It is a sin to suffer in silence. I hate when he abuses my mother verbally or physically. I want us to leave him and live on our own but she won't agree. What do i do?

  • Just go to a mufti(islamic judge) and ask of a divorce. [Just an friendly advice from a Muslims brother] – Dark Knight Feb 5 at 18:31
  • Your questions is more over based on real life situation and not on the deen. So it's better you you take your own decisions. – Dark Knight Feb 5 at 18:32
  • in our religion it is asked to respect our parents no matter what. And I've started to loathe him. And is abandoning him justifiable in Islam? and @DarkKnight yes It is my life's problem but I've asked this question so someone can answer in the light of Quran or Sunnah – Aima Feb 5 at 19:02
  • OK, yes it is said to respect your parents but I don't think you should respect someone who disrespect's your mother. – Dark Knight Feb 5 at 19:18
  • islam.stackexchange.com/q/33229/42810 see this. Might help you. – Dark Knight Feb 5 at 19:22