In the Quran, God says there's nothing like Him.

And there is none comparable to Him [Quran 112:4]

However, in many other verses, we find that God expresses human, or human-like emotions ranging from anger to mercy and so on.

So, how should we understand God's emotions given that he does not resemble His creations?

  • But the thing is the one who created us is Allah.he can fit in our logic and can not fit in our logic both I the same time. – Dark Knight Feb 4 at 4:47
  • @DarkKnight Don't think this answers my question, sorry. I'm sure some scholars have commented on this issue, I was rather looking for a scholarly answer. – SpiderRico Feb 4 at 4:56
  • OK, when I saw the question even I wanted an answer – Dark Knight Feb 4 at 5:25
  • Well, then upvote it so that it gets more visiblity :) – SpiderRico Feb 4 at 5:27
  • yes you are correct in will upvote it – Dark Knight Feb 4 at 5:29

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