I have the book of summarised Sahih Al bukhari my question is can I touch it without wudu

  • And why shouldn't it be permissible?
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The majority of the jurists hold the view that it is permitted to touch a book of hadith in a state of ritual impurity, even if it contains some verses of the Quran.

It is known that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ sent letters to kings, and these letters are hadith and even contained verses of the Quran; and they were handled and read by people who did not have wudu, such as the disbelievers, see e.g. in Bukhari.

ذهب الفقهاء إلى جواز مس المحدث كتب الحديث وإن كان فيها آيات من القرآن في الجملة


واستدل الجمهور لجواز مس كتب الحديث بأن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم كتب إلى قيصر كتابا فيه آية ، ولأنها لا يقع عليها اسم المصحف ولا تثبت لها حرمته

الموسوعة الفقهية

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