Assalamualaikum. We listen to tons of music in every environment we go. Even islamic lessons in the internet, it is rare to find a lecture or khutba on youtube that doesn't begin with music background. Even those of the great scholars if Saudi Arabia. I know that there is consensus among scholars that music is haram. But my question is: Is imagining music haram? Imagining only the sound and melody and not any haram image of a woman. So please don't confuse it with this. Sometimes a music plays in my imagination and it feels almost the same as listening in the real world.


There is no confusion between Woman and Music. It is same as physical music. If its ringing in your head, it's more bad.

I know this because the feeling of Music is haram and the ringing is Shaytan calling you to do sin.

  • Assalamualaikum, we really appreciate your answer but it will have been good if you can bring in more detail to support your answer, you can also check on [ answer] for more information
    – Muhammad
    Feb 24 at 4:47
  • @Muhammad 10, Because it feels the same. Feb 24 at 15:08

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