would it be haram for me to film events such as weddings or places where alcohol is consumed and music played if I don't take part?


salaam, No, you are there doing your job. As long as you don't take part in consumption, its should be fine. :) My coworkers for instance, go to happy hour a lot, and as long as I am not taking part in it, I know that I am not committing sin. :) Best, Michelle

  • How sure are you of this? In Hanafi, you're not even supposed to attend a non-Muslim wedding: islamqa.org/hanafi/askimam/16873 – moinudin Jan 19 at 19:09
  • Also, attending such events literally means to invite shaitan towards your path. – Nano Adam Jan 19 at 20:17
  • But I am not enjoying anything I am just flying a drone – Mahamud Aden Jan 20 at 14:47

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