I want to know the source and authenticity of the following text/narration:-

In the division of the spoils captured during the Hunayn Battle Prophet Muhammad increased the amount given to the leaders of the Quraish to warm their hearts to Islam and to connect with them. The Ansar (residents of Medina) were upset by this and there were some who complained. When Sa'd b. Ubade informed the Prophet of this situation the Prophet called these people to his tent and said "O, Ansar! It has been said that you have complained of me, is this true?" The Ansar said "O Prophet! Our leaders would not have said words in criticism of you. These are the words of youth." Then Prophet Muhammad said "O Ansar! I find that you have gone astray. Has Allah not given us friendship and love? When you were few did He not increase your number? When you were poor did He not make you rich? The Ansar responded: "O Prophet, your goodness and gifts are innumerable. May Allah reward you!" Again Prophet Muhammad said "You say ‘When your tribe told lies about you we supported you. When you were distanced from Mecca we gave you a home. When you were in need we did not refrain from giving of whatever we had. When you were frightened by the enemy we gave you security.' This is what you say, and this is true. I confirm you in this." In this way the Prophet complemented the Ansar. The Ansar began to weep and the Prophet said: "O Ansar! I have faith in the sincerity of your belief. The Quraish have only just come to Islam. Until now they have been defeated often by Muslims in the battles. I have given them extra to soothe their hearts. They will go home with sheep and camels. You will go with the Prophet. Do you accept this?" The Ansar said: "O Prophet! To be close to you is more beneficial than this world and the things of this world. May Allah not remove your shadow over us." Then the Prophet said: "The Ansar are my friends and confidants. If all the people go one way and the Ansar go another, I will go with the Ansar." He lifted his hands and prayed for blessings for the Ansar, their children and grandchildren.**

Where can this narration be found in the books of Sira or Hadith? What is the authenticity of this text/narration? IS THIS NARRATION AUTHENTIC?

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This is a well known incident and you can find it in both books of seerah and many collections of hadith. For example in Sahih Bukhari in كتاب المغازى see here.

  • Thank you sister for your answer. However, the narration in my question is much lengthy and a bit different. It would have been much better if you could provide sources of the narration with exact wordings mentioned in my question. This website does mention the sources but I am not sure where the narration with exact wordings can be found:- lastprophet.info/…
    – Ren
    Jan 17, 2021 at 15:25

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