I came across a website that creates PDF books from hardcopies and publishes them on the site. It's clearly piracy to me. But the website also shows in bold letters that they have collected the ebooks online and respects the copyright policy. So if the author doesn't want the ebook to be published on the site, s/he can contact through the contact form and the ebook will be taken down.

The website seems to be popular among the local community and no one talking against it, so they have a huge collection of books.

I'm a bit confused. Is it halal or haram if they really take down the ebooks on a claim? And then they are not copying any file, they are generating the files from hard copies. Again, not all the authors are alive, so it's not possible to ask for permission. The publications are generating revenue for their work, so doing the website owners.

I hope it's halal as I might apply the same idea to my local community.

Edit: I've checked my local books and most of them do not have a copyright claim. So as far as I know, it should be legal to reuse.

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