To best of my knowledge, most of the basic facts we know about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) comes from Ibn Hisham's As-Sīrah an-Nabawiyyah (السيرة النبوية), 'The Life of the Prophet', such as his genealogy, the year which he was born etc.

I wonder if we have any evidence, such as in isnad chains, to attest/support the authenticity of stories and other details, in Ibn Hisham's biography.

In brief, what sources did Ibn Hisham use when he compiled this book, and how he attempted to prove authenticity of his sources?

  • First of all the source of Seerat ibn Hisham mainly is a lost book of his teacher ibn Ishaaq (al-Maghazy المغازي). So at least we have a connected narrator chain to ibn Ishaaq (in the book of ibn Hisham you may read the chains beginning with we were informed by ibn Ishaaq). Further there are other sources of the same Era such as al-Waaqidi. And we further have a great bunch of Sahih and Hassan Ahadith in the books of hadith scholars that may refute or support some statements in the books of historians. Hadith scholar have a higher level of analysis, investigation and rejection of information.
    – Medi1Saif
    Jan 16 at 16:16

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