A person was suffering from doubts and he asked "What if the jinn authored the Qur'an?". How to prove that it is false?

  • Do the Jinn speak Arabic? Do they write books? I think these are questions one should ask prior to asking whether they are able to write the qur'an a'dhu bil-Lahi Mina-Shaytani ar-Rajeem. The qur'an is considered a third kind of Arabic literature beside poetry and prose because it falls on neither of these categories.
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Why would a jinn write about God and good things. And why would he himself make his own kind inferior to humans. Why would they make the communication between us and them(jinn) forbidden. And why would a jinn make all the human and jinn worship Allah(God).

If jinn had written the quran then he would make us worship himself and not God. That's not the case. Most importantly there is no controdiction in quran and it is scientifically very accurate.

Lastly quran itself say that it is from Allah(God) not from Prophet Muhammad(saw) and not from any human or jinn.

Hope you understood

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If you read the quran and ponder over it, you realize it is not possible for any human or jinn to produce such a recital. Its too perfect, with manifest verses, simlatudes, muture wisdom. This is why it says in the Quran, if the whole of minkind and jinn got together they could not produce it. In fact the Quran challenges anyone to even produce 1 chapter like the chapters in the Quran:

And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Surah like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (if there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true. (2:23)

people have tried and no-one has done it.

Now jinn if you ask any raqi are not very clever. Raqi are people that talk to jinns through people afflicted with black magic. So it makes even less sense that jinns made the quran than humans.

Furthermore a raqi will tell you jinns command shameful deeds and they do this a lot. While the Quran tell you to strongly stay away from shameful deeds.

Jinns also lie alot, while the quran if you read it is true and you can see that the one that if has comes froms believes in truth-hood, the truth, rightiousness and is strongly against lying, falsehood and wrongding. So this also is not the charactristics of jinn. THis is why it says in the quran it does not suit the jinn so cannot be from them.

Also muhammad (pbuh) has over 400 narations of miracles other than the Quran that cannot be done by jinns, like when he made it rain heavy 7 days after a drought. The jinns do not have power to control the weather. Any person with experience with jinn/magic will tell you this. Thus if the message of Muhammad (pbuh) was from jinn would Allah give him those miracles.


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