Me and my family are shifting to a new place in 2 weeks Inshallah. But unfortunately that apartment has only 2 bedrooms. I only have 1 sister and we have love for each other. I and 15 and she is 17. We used to sleep together in same bed till I was 12 but then our parents transferred me to the 3rd bedroom. We both have our own single bed but my question is that can we sleep in the same room?

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    Ummm, you are Mahram for her! You can sleep in the same room, why are you concerned? What makes you think you can't? – Nano Adam Jan 15 at 1:34
  • Because I use to thought that Brother sister shouldn't sleep together after puberty. I thought it's Haram. I don't know the full reason why our parents separated us right when I hit puberty. Thank you for your answer. It was really helpful – Rameez Jan 15 at 1:38
  • @Rameez a comment asking for clarification is not necessary an answer. Answers should be posted in the answer section! – Medi1Saif Jan 15 at 8:37

salaam, I think it is totally fine as long as it is a halal sister and brother relationship, which is totally different than the relationship one has for a wife or husband. :) Best, Michelle

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