asalamalaykum everyone

my question is about ghusl

1: i suffer for waswasah alot generally, and after performing ghusl, i start having doubts about wether i washed every part perfectley or not, i generally spend alot of time under the shower while perfroming ghusl, so i am fairly certain that water gets to every part, but i doubt wether i scrubbed every part of my body with water, and this causes me to then perform ghusl again the next day or later in the day because of these doubts.

2: its not possible for the hands to reach every part of the back while doing ghusl, so i just make sure the the shower water reches the back, and scrub the parts of the back i can reach, is this fine?

please answer both parts of my question


و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

There are duas for waswas during wudhu and Ghusl in


While you're on the shower, spit three times over your left shoulder to get rid of waswas. If yiu keep ignoring them, inshalla they'll go away.

Regarding your second question xthat should be fine. Always remember that Allah does not intend hardship with purification.

May Allah cure you from your waswas.

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