So i’ve had 4 showers in the last day and a bit and have scrubbed my body as much as i can but even after all these when i leave the shower when i rub my skin some parts dead skin and dirt will come off like grime and i’m confused because i’ve tried my hardest to get it all of and i suffer from waswas one answer is telling me it’s fine because it’s dirt from the body and the sheikhs i’ve asked online said i should ignore it but would this create a barrier i truly can’t get it off when my skin is dry but only when it’s wet and warm and my pores are open the dead skin wants to emerge would this be a barrier pls answer!!! i’ve done ghusl 3 times and also each time i rub off any dead skin or grime i make sure i wash that limb but it’s getting so hard

  • I don't see what dead skin and dirt has to do with ghusl? Ghusl is not emant to make you clean, but purified in order to be able worship Allah.
    – Sassir
    Jan 10 at 14:52

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