My question is that i do freelancing and i make templates for different social media sites like facebook, instagram and pinterest etc. I basically design some templates for the client, like for what niche they need those templates. It includes texts, quotes and different things included in a design. So will my earnings be Halal in the following situations:

  1. I know that drawing or designing pictures is haram in Islam but what if the client provides me with the images and i just have to insert those images in the template or i am using already designed images(free to use) in the template.
  2. The images provided to insert are not drawn or designed they are just photographs.
  3. The images inserted are not of any human being or animal but of trees or any product etc.
  4. The photograph is of a women with a product or of a women to promote a product like beauty products or any other.
  5. I insert image of a human being (animated or real) whole body clothes hands feet fingers ears etc but no facial features likes eyes nose (empty face).
  6. I just make the template without inserting any images and provide the client with the source file so the client himself can insert any images into the template provided i leave spaces for images to be inserted or however the client wants me to design it.
  7. I show the client all my template designs and give him the one he likes or wants without asking what he will be using the template for and afterwards he uses that template for something haram, will i be considered sinful for it? and will my earnings be halal?
  8. I have heard that the image is the head (i don’t know anything about it i am asking) what if the image is of a animal or a human being and the head part is cropped. and what if the same is applied to the image of a women?

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