I'm just curious, is it allowed to keep a dog if I keep it outside and don't allow it to enter the house? Or is it still prohibited to keep a dog even though you keep it outside?

Thank you in advance, have a great day :)


In the first what is the purpose of getting a dog? (it may be necessary)

I know it is fun to get a Dog, but also not everything is fun is good in Islam.

I think being on the safe side is the best way!, better not to pet a Dog either inside or outside, (I also think it is a bit hard to make him instantly outside).

How about getting a Cat, Bird, Fish instead? how beautiful are they!

I hope you understand, Thank you!

  • Yeah I know I like cats more actually but there's this one kind of dog that I like I mean I could argue that other than as a pet it can also be a guard dog (since it's a Great Dane and it's a giant breed) but I don't wanna use a loophole like that. – HelloIamMe Dec 28 '20 at 12:20

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