(Before i did suffer from waswas) This has happened to me occasionally, during my prayer i would get a gutfeeling/doubt that my wudu is going break during this prayer at that rakat/moment and then when I am praying at that rakat or near that rakat I break my wudu. What can I do about this? What is this?

Another answer needed During my isha prayer i relieved myself a little while before eating so I could then do wudu and pray peacefully. After eating and doing some cleaning I did wudu and started praying but later I felt urine and discharge (mind I do wudu for every prayer because of discharge) so I washed my self and re did my wudu and went to pray (restarted) and later again I was pretty sure I broke my wudu (felt gas) so I went and re did wudu and told my self "dont worry this would be the last time and if u feel or break wudu dont worry and carry on" because I was getting (overwhelmed and frustrated and distressed) so I did again my wudu and started praying and during 2 rakat I got a gutfeeling/feeling what if I break wudu during witr last moment. I started praying and at near about end of witr I was also feeling tense and refraining my muscle to fart even though I didnt feel like farting (I think it could be anxiety) but then I felt gas ( my feeling/gutffeling became true) but I did not re do my wudu and did my salam. It took me so long Was my decision wrong? Should I repray? I feel guilty



Unless your are 100% sure you farted. if you are unsure then continue your prayer. I used to have the same problem as you. I kept breaking my prayer to go and make wudu again. If you are 100% sure. If you feel like air passed through or air exerted through, or a smell is coming, or a sound came, then make wudu again, otherwise just continue your prayer because the rest is confusion from Shaitan's whisper. Make sure you are 100% sure from the 3 factors - air passing through, smell coming, and sound coming.

"One who is sure that he is with Wudu and has doubts about Hadath (breaking wind, passing urine or answering the call of nature), has to take certainty into account, since he is originally supposed to have Wudu and Hadath is accidental. This is proved in the Hadith of Abu Hurairah and 'Abdullah Ibn Zaid that states: what one should do if he finds something in his belly and has doubts if something has passed or not. The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: "One should not leave his prayer until he hears a sound or finds a smell" [Reported by Imams al-Bukhari and Muslim ]. Narration of Abu Hurairah reads: "One should not leave the Mosque till he hears a sound (of breaking wind) or finds a smell (of fart)" . al-Imam al-Nawawi said: 'This Hadith establishes a rule to decide authenticity of matters depending on their bases as well as to state that accidental doubts make no problem' . In the same way, if one doubts about making Hadath while performing Wudu, he should not take such doubts into consideration, specially if one usually undergoes doubts. This is the best way to stop doubts. Thus, it becomes clear that if one doubts about breaking wind or not after performing Wudu, he should not repeat Wudu unless he is sure he has broken his Wudu by a sound, smell or feeling of passing wind or something like that. Allah knows best."

InshAllah, I hope your problem gets better. Allah knows best

Link: https://www.islamweb.net/en/fatwa/84592/evidence-of-passing-gas-that-breaks-the-wudu


i know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes, we become very paranoid, but I like to remind myself that salat is meant to bring us at peace and ease. It shouldn't be difficult or stressful. Unless you are 100 percent certain, I do not think you have to redo your prayer or wudu. Make a peaceful dua at the end for Allah (swt) to make it easier not to have these thoughts.

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