I am in the process of making up a few fast days however I have a question that I am unsure as to whenever or not I can continue my fast. I have only on the same day learnt that "being in Janabah" does not invalidate your fast' and ghusul is necessary to pray however. Prior to brushing my teeth however I may have knowingly swallowed a TINY bit of water because I was under the belief that I was automatically not permitted to fast. Only after reading that this is in fact permissible am I not sure if my fast is going to be valid and I should continue or if I should break it and start again? Points to note are:

  1. Janabah was prior to the start of the fast
  2. I have not eaten or drunken ANYTHING since the start of the fast intentionally or not except the below.
  3. The drop of water I may have innocently intentionally swallowed was due to the fact that I thought I was not allowed to fast.
  4. I only came to know that being in Janabah would not invalidate your fast after Point 3 already occurred.
  5. I had every intention (niyah) of fasting before going to sleep the night before the wet dream occurred however was under the thinking that I cannot fast now that this has happened (in the middle of the night I mean).




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