If someone could please help to clear this doubt it will help a lot. So before I started doing my wudu I was aware of the fact that there was wax on my arm. After I had finished praying and made my dua after some minutes I seen the wax on my arm and I realised that my wudu has in this case been invalid all this time. I have read on Islamic websites that if water doesn’t follow over all the required parts when doing wudu, the wudu is invalidated. But I also read that if u saw it after ur prayer u don’t have to repeat ur prayers, yes I saw it after my prayers but I knew about it before doing my wudu but it had slipped my mind to take the wax off. So My question is that do I need to repeat my prayers the ones I read with that same wudu or not?


See it is the fact depending that whether you really forgot so I think you should remove it and then you once again after removing it pray again because if water dose not make contact to skin it invalidates the wudu .so i think you should pray again .as wudu is important for prayer itself . 1 hope it helps thank you

  • Thankyouuu & yeah I removed the wax and prayed again as I didn’t feel satisfied with my prayer. – user42189 Dec 1 '20 at 13:23

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