In Rumi's Masnavi, he writes:

Contrast this good land with that marshy patch

Don't claim this angel and that demon match

When opposites to us appear the same

Like sweet and bitter water, both being clear

Who can discriminate between the two?

None but a man who's tasted truth will do

Magic and Miravles some view the same

For both to them are just a clever game

Magicians challenged Moses, friend of Allah

Producing their own versions of his rod -

The difference is vast, like night and day

Their deeds contrasted, they were poles away!

Their actions earned them curses from the Lord

While Moses earned more grace as his reward

Such unbelievers are apes, no more

Their lying breasts are rotten to the core!

What does Rumi mean by 'tasting truth' here?

  • Imo he means Allah himself. Because Allah is "Haqq". Experiencing that Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala is present everywhere through constant observation of this world which is commonly termed as "Mushahida". Nov 30 '20 at 0:49

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