Salam Brothers & Sisters,

I am well aware of the dangers of riba - However i am in a situation where i would like some answers.

I will save you the story - but to summarize, i am unable to transfer money from one of my existing bank accounts (business) to my bank (personal) without first sending it to a business bank that has really good interest. There's a lot of in between and fine lines, it's just the way banks are setup. If i was to send from my Business account to my personal account directly, both accounts would get shut down and i would have to find another bank. So i'm stuck sending the money to a middle man account, the thing is this middle man account has a 1% monthly compound interest.

In the account i currently have $200k mashallah. I currently make monthly donations to help my brothers and sisters that are less fortunate, however - with this middle man account, if i leave my $200K in there, i can get monthly payments of $2k for basically doing nothing. This is Riba/Interest.

This is strictly forbidden, i understand that. But i read some places that it is okay if you have no other way - Which i currently don't. But i was thinking it would be a smart thing to leave this money in there, and give bigger sums of money to families in need. This wont count as Zaka i understand, but for them it will make a big difference. I simply want to help them now, i am not worried about Zaka as i do other things in life and allah kareem.

However, I've read that doing this is haram, and i've also read that it is not.

I could just pull my money immediately from the middle man account into my personal account and not take the interest, but i don't mind leaving it in that middle man account and earning interest to help families in need.

Is this haram?

If so i will immediately stop.

P.S. I am of sunni background.


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