We knew each other from social media and we have been talking for years.. A few males and a few females.. (im a female) Expect one male, all others are muslims..

and its noted that now when i talk to them, i dont feel happy anymore.. like it causes me stress.. but i also dont want to stay apart from them.. however when i leave, it gives me a peace of mind. What do u think i should do?

And when i talk to them.. My imaan becomes weak :(

tho i still havent figured out why..

and there is always debates going on with the muslim friends and non muslim friend about why he should become a muslim.. tho they insult each other while they are at it.. and he debates why they should not trust on the religion.. its been stressful

These days I have been getting more interested in Islam Alhamdhu'lilah and because of a post i saw that says we shouldnt talk to opposite genders.. I cutted my contact with them.. but i feel bad.. so i dont really know what to do..

Is talking to them Haram? we treat each other as Family..like brothers and sisters and we know each other's all the secrets and thoughts.. so on..

So what do you think i should do in this situation?

wasalaam Alaikum Wa'rahumathaullah Wa barakaath


It is not the first Question about talking/chatting. You find answers opposing each other here and here. The answers depend on how strictly Hadith is generalised, and whether a chat is considered to be "public". About personal physical contact only two persons of opposite sex, answer is quite clear, see here.

  • Do I need to say Goodbye to them when i Cut off contact? In Islam it says Its not good for a person to not talk to another for more than 3 days.. so i would like to know is it a sin to cut off people without saying goodbye? Do i need to explain the reason to them? – A muslim friend Nov 8 '20 at 9:05
  • If you think the kind of contact falls into a category that is not acceptable, as you have been there for suche a long time, it is adequate to tell the reasons to your colleges and say good bye. – Jeschu Nov 8 '20 at 9:20
  • I am a bit wondering whether someone wants to isolate you. There is no teaching that it's not good to talk with each other for more than 3 days. Beware of radical sects. – Jeschu Nov 8 '20 at 14:33

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