I know there are similar questions here but I couldn't find a satisfactory answer anywhere to this simple question. Please send me a link if there exists a similar question.

Quran is an eternal word of God which is uncreated, that I know but, For example, if a non-Muslim burns a copy of the Quran, he has burnt the Quran itself or a copy of the Quran composed of pages & letters written via pen/ink?

How is the majority opinion that Quran is uncreated even in books according to the answers here ??

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    You can't burn the qur'an as the qur'an is the orally transmitted word of Allah- What you find between two bookshelves is not the qur'an, but a Moshaf. And you will find plenty of answers saying so. – Medi1Saif Nov 1 '20 at 14:08
  • Your question should eb is the Moshaf created or uncreated? – ياsr Nov 8 '20 at 17:09

Qur'an itself is not created; it is the words that Allah had spoken. Perhaps this idea started from the Mushaf being something solid and toucheable. I might find the link where I learned this but I don't promis anything. It's very reliable but i dont know where it is. if i find it i will send it here. Salam Alaykom


The Quran, as in the words of Allah, are not created.

As for the paper and ink, they are created. The voice of a person that is reciting is created.

But, what is written and what is recited are the words of God which are uncreated.

If a non-Muslim burns a book, he burns a book. But, the Quran still exists.

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