Salam brothers and sisters.

Recently I dreamt a dream (at around 9.30-9.50 in the morning) that scared me, like frightened and I woke up. I didn't remember the dream instantly but only upon applying pressure on my brain did I remember some of the details. I only remember the start of it (or think I do but I'm really not sure. The more I think about it, the more unsure I get) and some of the end of the dream (because it frightened me and I immediately woke up. I only remember someone saying something. This someone is someone I remember but the other person with me, not so much. I can't even recall what they were saying, no matter how much I try to think of. I can't remember much details or recall any colors in the dream). After waking up, I remember changing my side, putting aside the fear and then waking up and walking to my parents room. I then came back and closed my eyes only to find myself asking 'what did i see? recall my name. I remembered some of it but not its entirety. I have been incredibly stressed & anxious these past few weeks and have been overthinking about about one particular thing. I feel like this dream is just a manifestation of my anxiety because towards the end of this dream, I just remember feeling helpless and immediately woke up. It was just like what I had been worried about presented itself and made me even more worrisome. Surely, this kind of dream can't be from Allah because it is distressing and I have been thinking about the last part of this dream a lot. I can't recall much details but I also can't stop thinking about it.

Can someone tell me how to tell if a dream is from Allah so I am able to get a sense of peace and whether mine is a shaitani or nafsani dream? Jazak'Allah khair. Thank you to anyone who will help me.


It is a dream from devil because bad dreams are from the devil and good dreams are from Allah. There is no need to always think about what happened in the dream. Try to forget it and keep yourself busy with the worship of Allah and remember him and ask his assistance insha'Allah your problem will be solved.

Reference: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/67624/different-types-of-dreams-is-there-any-kind-of-warning-dream


Assalamu Alaikum brother may Allah help you overcome your frustration.

There are two types of dreams:

  1. a dream that satisfies you - is from Allah
  2. a dream that oppresses you, frustrates you, makes you dwell on it - is from Shaitan

Reading about your after-dream symptoms, I'm pretty sure that the dream you're talking about is from shaitaan, because it is shaitaan who wants us to be oppressed and forget about Allah Almighty. This is one of his tricks (tease them or bother them about something and make them think about it the whole day so that they wont remember Allah).

In order to overcome this, I'd suggest you to constantly seek refuge of Allah from shaitaan and tell Allah about your problems even though he knows about it, he's ever ready to hear from us. Inshallah you'll overcome your anxieties.

Jazakallahu Khair for reading be good towards your parents and remember them as well as my parents in your dua.

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