Hi dear brothers and sisters of Islam Asalamu Alaykum! My question is that is it okay for me to be with a woman who is non-muslim and 11 years older than me (but she is special to me though) we met each other online dating website. She sends me her hot photos and I admire them. She's single and lives with her family im 20 and she's 33. I wanna convince her and bring her towards the deen of Allah but she is a model and I love her dearly. Should we date?,marry?.. or not be in a relashionship at all. I know we men are allowed to marry Christians and Jews but not Idolators like Buddhists. What is the appropriate manner of this kind of situation.

  • First there is no such thing as dating in Islam, and men should lower their gaze in front of women. And what are you doing in a dating site. Ask your patents or guardians to start the process of finding someone for you the Islamic way. May Allah bless you and your family. – Nano Adam Sep 27 at 14:36

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