Please comment if I write anything bad or something so I can change it but I’ve had concerns with some things recently and want to address some of them here. Also I’m not sure if the question was worded very well but hopefully you understand the basis of the question.

I feel like women in Islam are limited in a lot of areas and feel free to correct me on things or show me why I’m wrong as that’s a partial hope I have.

For example, women don’t have the freedom of just working when they want they can only work if it’s necessary and they need permission to do so. They also aren’t allowed to go out alone or with friends without permission. The husband has authority and can choose what the wife wants to wear and she has to be obedient. If the husband wants to have sex and the wife doesn’t it’s a bad thing which I think is weird as consent should be something promoted in Islam and if someone isn’t willing or doesn’t want to have sex it’s their right not to have to without being worried about having their God angry at them. Another common thing is clothing, men have so many choices of clothing but women can only wear loose clothes and can’t even show their arms or even up to their shin on their leg. So if I pull my sleeve up I’m sinning and plus there aren’t many options for clothes. Pretty much all jumpers shirts etc show an outline of the bodies which isn’t allowed. Women are supposed to be at home and looking after children however I feel this should be a shared responsibility and this could also positively impact the child. The person looking after them can force them to wear clothes and act in a certain way. Men are allowed to beat women.

There may be more but at the moment not too sure. I don’t think it’s fair to do these things in my opinion unless women are allowed to do the same vice versa but with the last one I don’t think any beating should be done at all.

Are women limited like this in Islam and what are the limitations if there are any other ones and is there a reason or do both genders have to follow them? Are women limited in Islam in general?

Edit: Another limitation is marriage, women can’t choose who they want to marry they can only just get it arranged for them and agree and I feel like this may lead some to fall for something when there’s other options that would be more fitting and they can find more about the person they want to marry and appreciate them more.


I just started practicing the religion and I found out that women get a lot of rights in Islam.

Men should not be hitting their wives and if they are they get sinned for it. If the wife wants to divorce her husband she could do so. who said women can't work when they want to. there are many Muslim women who have gone to college and work because they want to and they like it. Every Muslim woman I meet has a job. Especially in 2020.

the husband does not have any authority of what the woman could or couldn't wear its her choice, not his. if he doesn't like what shes wearing he could ask her politely to wear something else but she doesn't have to. For sex, NO Means NO whether it's your husband or not. if you say no but he still does it, it's a sin and he will get punished for it.

Men are supposed to be treating women with respect and they are supposed to love you and be kind towards you. It says so in the Quran.

women can wear what they want. It's between you and Allah and no one else. you should watch videos on why women wear the Hijab and the history behind our clothes.
women are supposed to be treated like queens in Islam. After all, if a man treats there wife/mother/daughter like trash, they will get punished for it I feel like your talking about Muslim people and not the religion itself.

  • For the second and third paragraph about men telli nd women what to wear and men can’t hit their wives please can you reference that as I’ve been looking at answers online and it contradicts that a lot. – Shah786 Sep 26 '20 at 13:34

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