The whole point of things like hijab in Islam are for modesty and to protect women from sexual acts and things like that but what if the hijab itself was sexualised. This in turn would basically make sexual assault and rape and things like that the same as if they weren’t wearing the hijab so should wearing hijab be necessary in this case and what can you do if this happens?

  • The "point" of the Hijab is that Allah commanded it. Anything other than that is guessing. – The Z Sep 26 at 1:27
  • @The Z do what if we got to a point where wearing it would result in being sexualised as such or physically abused etc etc and it was safer not to would it be justifiable to do that? – Shah786 Sep 26 at 1:45
  • There is a difference between something being "sexualized" and there being a concrete threat of violence. If there is a concrete threat of violence, even things like pork become halal to eat if someone forces you to eat it threatening you with harm. – The Z Sep 26 at 2:06
  • What if the threat of violence wasn’t concrete but strong enough to feel at risk? – Shah786 Sep 26 at 2:59
  • The scholars will decide according to the case and give a ruling if such a situation arises. – The Z Sep 26 at 3:03

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