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I would request my readers to not to mark this question as duplicate. This question is a bit different from the previous question I asked about narrator Minhal Ibn Amr.

My question is about particular narrations that come from Al-A'mash through Minhal Ibn Amr.

According to THIS source it has been stated that both Yahya ibn Ma'īn and Adh-Dhahabi had reasons to weaken narrations that came from Al-A'mash through Al-Minhāl ibn 'Amr.

The problem here is that the user III-AK-III who posted his answer did not cite any reference in order to prove that Yahya bin Ma'in and Ad-Dhahabi actually weakened the narrations that come from Al-A'mash through Minhal Ibn Amr.

Al-A'mash and Minhal were Kufi and met each other. Both of them have also narrated narrations in Bukhari.

The main question is: where is the evidence that suggests that Yahyah bin Ma'in and Ad-Dhahabi weakened the narration that come from Al-A'mash through Minhal Ibn Amr?

  • I'm not certain, but I only know of one book of Yahya ibn Ma'in on 'ilm ar-Rijal however it has different (at least three known) versions that's why sometimes two different opinions of him might be suggested or quoted. As for a-Dhahabi one should check some of his later works, as with the time he became more conservative as for example when he wrote his summary of al-Hakim's al-Mustdrak. – Medi1Saif Sep 14 '20 at 12:05
  • Actually I'd have a quote from al-Mizzi's Tahdeeb al-Kamal see here where he quotes ibn Ma'in somehow this was easier to locate as that in Tarikh ibn Mai'yn (maybe ad-Duri didin't quote that in his version or I've overseen it). Later al-Mizzi also quoted imam Muslim's position about al-Minhal ibn 'Amr. – Medi1Saif Sep 14 '20 at 14:14

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