i normally leave from school around 3:00 pm and depending on the time of the year, i sometimes miss Zuhr prayer. is it permissible for me to come back home and make up for the prayer?

and if i don't miss the Zuhr time, is it permissible for me to delay the prayer but come back home and still pray it during the Zuhr time frame before Asr time starts?

  • It feels like we already have 100 or more questions from people asking about the permission to pray qada for prayers they missed due to work or school, what would an answer for this specific question deliver what 100's before have not done? Please check the site for similar questions before asking question duplicates. – Medi1Saif Sep 2 at 20:03

The point of having a Zuhr time frame is to give people a time frame within which they can do the prayer. This simply acknowledges the fact that often people are in the midst of things and cannot always attend prayers at a fixed time. Though of course, at a mosque, prayers have to be at a fixed time otherwise there is no way of organising people living in different locations, doing different things.

It's always permissible to make up for prayers missed for good reasons.

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