In a commentary on the Jihad al-Akbar, Imam Khomeini has written:

You are mistaken to consider the world of hidden realities, where the secrets of this world are to be unveiled and your deeds to be disclosed, as similar to the world of appearances, where one can deceive others, create chaos, confusion and misjudgement. Your eyes and ears, your feet and hands, and other parts of your body will bear witness against your deeds in this world with their supernatural tongues. Some of them may also appear in their celestial forms. So, my friend, it is necessary to keep open the ears of your heart. Be brave, and have mercy on your own self, so that you may leave this world in a human form and may be counted amongst the redeemed and virtuous.

Mind you, these words repeatedly occur in the speeches and teachings of the great thinkers, in the inspirations of the mystics and in the messages of the truthful and infallible servants of God.

Which great thinkers and mystics did Imam Khomeini have in mind?

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