ASSALAMUALIAKUM i got some impurity on my trousers i rubbed the place a little under water and used it but the stain of impurity was still visible and as the area was wet it touched with my skin so is the trouser impure and the area of my body that it touched also impurr


You rubbed the place a little under water... but if you know what type of impurity it was and what to do to remove impurity then u should use that...

Some sort of impurity needs to wash with soap or decoloring substance ( like bleaching powder) but some is easy to purify by washing in water or using flow of water...

U have to ensure yourself that what place you suppose to be impured is obvious... no place besides this is not impurified...If u can ensure this then comes the point what way you use to purify is it right??

The ans. of this qstn could be given depending on what type of impurity is there... Organic and oily substance may be cleaned by using soap, If the impure substance cz your colour change then u can use bleaching... although fruit juice which is commonly responsible for colour change is not impure.
If the impure substance is caused by various human or animal body fluids...like feces, semen, blood or urine what u should do...

Feces need to be washed with soap... if u are obvious the place of impurity though u should wash the whole clothing...it looks better

Blood can be caused colour changes if u do not wash it immediately... but if it stays long time and cz colour change then use bleach... though I doubt long term presence of blood either impure or not.

In case of urine u should wash the whole clothing bcz u might find it difficult where in the clothings it is...

In case of semen u mostly obvious where in the clothings it impures...so u can wash it there and it seems to be pured then... but it looks better not to do any sacred activities wearing such clothings... rather u should wash whloe of the clothings under water.

In case of semen if it takes time to take your impures place in contact of water then it produce a spot that is hard to erase... u can use bleach to erase it.

If the clothings is of any coloure without white then bleach may cz harm to that...

In that case I can tell you to wash the whole clothing and then use it to perform sacred activities, it looks better... If a spot remains washing then u should not use that to perform sacred something ( I doubt in this point, but I tell you this as it is better that I think)

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