I'm wondering why Allah swt gave powers to angels and jinns like teleporting to other places, and turning into animals or other things. But he did not granted us human beings those powers. Is there a specific reason for this?

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    Who are we to discuss Allah's Will.
    – Medi1Saif
    Aug 22 '20 at 13:14

Allah wishes whomever he gives power. He gave some powers to the prophets. Humans and jinns have the freewill but the angels don't have that. Angels are 100% obliged to Allah. They don't have freewill. Humans are the best creation of Allah (SWT). If you do good deeds you are superior to other creations of Allah and if you do bad deeds you're inferior. Allah can give powers anyone he wills.

Jazakallah Khairan

  • "Humans are the best creation of Allah (SWT)" - Can you give a reference for your claim?
    – Ahmed
    Sep 15 at 15:30

Allah has given power to all of his creations

What do you mean by power ? The meaning of power can vary from anything from strength to electricity.

As I understand it , Allah has given power to all of us.

For this context, I will only take Jinn and Men, as angels are irrelevant as they have no free will. Allah has given different powers to men and jinn.

To Jinns He has given strength of the body

And to Men He has given intellect of the mind.

A man is more intelligence than a jinn. An adult Jinn is like a Human baby when it comes to intelligence. Jinns do stuff like Teleportation and Transfiguration by their Strength of Body .

Humans are the best of Allah's creations because we have a higher intelligence than Jinns so we can utilise our free will to a great extent. We have transformed the surface of the Earth ! Can Jinns build houses and buildings ? Can they build rockets and aeroplanes ?


Have you ever wondered why Iblis was jealous of Adam ? He was jealous because Adam was more intelligent than him! Adam may have had a far inferior body than that of Iblis but his intelligence was a thousand fold better!

When Allah created Adam, He taught him everything. Then Allah showed the angels,Iblis and Adam some objects. Allah asked them to tell the names of the objects. The angels didn't know ! Iblis didn't know! But Adam ( Ali ) did!

And that's why we are the best of Allah's creation !

Allah knows best.

  • "Humans are the best of Allah's creations ..." - Can you provide a reference for your claim?
    – Ahmed
    Sep 15 at 15:31

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