Assalamualaikum I deal with a lot of whispers everyday while doing wudu I think I didn't clean properly while doing taharah I think I didn't clean properly is there any supplication or dua for dealing with wispers

  • IMHO opinion gaining knowledge about your dues should be your first step to be able to fight whispers. A person who is certain about what he must (fard), should (recommended), could (permissible) and must not (haram) do should have no doubt in his worship (See verses 10:36 and 53:28). And it is regarded as fard for every Muslim to gain knowledge about the 5 pillars + anything that he needs in his life (job/education etc.). Simply asking case by case creates more doubt than learning the general approach and acting upon it. – Medi1Saif Aug 20 '20 at 7:50

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