Assalamualaikum we rahmatullahi we barakatuhu. It is not permissible to sit with, or watch and listen to, those who are establishing disbeliefs or wrong and false beliefs.[An-Nisaa 4:140]. [Al An'aam 6:68]. and [Al-Furqan 25:72]

But my question is: Does this principle also apply to Imagining and recalling wrong and false beliefs like : ?

Example: I can imagine someone prostrating to an idol even though I hate it in my heart as action but I remember in my mind a Hindu in Al Jazeera prostrating to an idol and I keep my mind without any necessity to that image. Or I can keep my mind imagining the sayings of a christian tv channel where he says all those wrong things about Isa Ibn Maryam.

  • If someone can answer this question please. – Abdyl Aug 16 at 9:38
  • Give your personal opinion at least. As a muslim you should be interested for the fundamentals of islam from the first day you enter islam. – Abdyl Aug 16 at 11:11

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