Assalamualaikum we rahmetullahi we barakatuhu. This is one of the questions I am most interested in knowing. We know that if we do injustice to someone like backbiting, physical violence, theft, on the day of judgment he has the right to take from our good deeds or to give a part of his sins to us if we run out of good deeds. My question is: Does this principle apply if you think sexually of a girl you see on tv like a news presenter? Does she have the right to take good deeds from us if we think sexually of her? The same question regarding thinking that someone is very bad and holding grudges against him. Does he have the right to take our good deeds from us in the day of judgment even though we haven't uttered a single bad word about him but only did bad things against him in our imagination?

  • Are thoughts deeds? The bad deed you've committed might be looking at this lady in an inappropriate manner else what may apply is mentioned in this hadith or in the hadith about thoughts and unintentionally done deeds. – Medi1Saif Aug 13 '20 at 15:18

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