I was born in a village located in subcontinent although in a Muslim country but in a remote area. In my teenage years I have done some acts related to homosexual. I came to know that these acts were Haram and condemned in Islam strongly. But the thing is I had very little or almost zero knowledge of it. In my teenage years I only knew sexual Intercourse with a female before Marriage was Haram and also had no concept of hudood that was in islam neither knew what was considered homosexuality.

I was raised among people speaking non arabic (Punjabi) who had little knowledge and understanding of Quran or hadith due to language barrier I think. Neither knowledgeable or good scholars were asscessable. We just knew basics about Islam like 5 Prayers, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat,and Tawheed. No one gave us proper sex education which I know think it should be given to children. Now when I came to know about the sin I had already quit and never repeated it Alhamdulilah but before we just knew that this is was considered bad in society but didn't knew it was Haram. Alhamdulilah it's been years since I have moved to a city received some proper education, knowledge and guidance and I for sure can say if I knew back then I would've never engaged in it. Now unknowingly in my case am I Accountable for those sins as there is a Hadith that Allah has forgiven the Sins comited in ignorance and by mistakes although I still have made tawbah and never repeated it. Alhamdulilah!

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