In a Hadith, I've learned that, Prophet Muhammad (saws) said " Allah has forgiven my nation for whatever crosses in their mind unless they say or act upon it."

Now my case is, I have a problem (or a habit) that whatever comes in my mind, good or bad, I move my tongue along with it whenever I am alone (I mean not in public) in a unintentional state.

Now my problem is, I had a thought of shirk. I moved my tongue (as far I can remember) unintentionally along with this thought (or may be whisper) and in the midway I realized that this is shirk. So I stopped moving my tongue and asked forgiveness to Allah.

Now my question is, what kind of action I just did? Should I consider it as just a mind-thought or as a mistake or as a pure shirk? Can this deed be forgiven by 'mind crossing whisper' rule?

  • is it okay now? please answer... – iwannabeanonymous Aug 5 at 9:47
  • It seems better please note that you may find links to related topics (posts) on thge right site of your post. Maybe your question has an answer in there. – Medi1Saif Aug 5 at 9:50

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