Is it true that Mohammad (pbuh) said that eating 5 dates a day will prevent you from poisoning then how he was poisoned by a Jewish women at the time of khaibar and it was the reason why he said to Ayesha that ”the poison given by that Jewish women still hurt my aorta" meaning the effect of poison was still in his body.

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  • The hadith quotes 7 not 5 specific dates and many scholars hold the opinion that this applies on these kind of dates from Medina. Some even discussed whether it applies to them after the time of the prophet or the starting date for this prevention. Further prevent is a translation which is one out of many possible meanings. – Medi1Saif Aug 2 at 14:21
  • But if he (pbuh) was eating that the. How did he get poisoned by the Jewish women and said to aisha that the poison given by jewish woman at the time of khaibar still hurts him. – Harish yesterday
  • As said "prevent" is a translation or interpretation out of many. – Medi1Saif yesterday

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