As we all know that pedophilia is a social evil and it should be condemned, then how does Islam justify 50-year-old Muhammad's SAW marriage with a 6-year-old/9-year-old Aishah? Let's say I am a 50-year-old guy and I have a friend who has a 6-year-old daughter and unfortunately my friend dies. So what is an appropriate choice for me: to adopt my friend's daughter or to marry her and have sex with her?

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  • As written, this really doesn't seem to be an honest question so much as an attempt to prove a point. We are not a site for argument or debate. – goldPseudo 2 days ago
  • The example is totally irrelevant: Aisha's father (Abu Bakr) did not die, rather he was alive even after the Prophet passed away. Aisha was married with the consent of her parents. Aisha was of marriageable age according to the cultural norms and religious (Islamic) laws (see How to defend Aisha's marriage age?). Applying a moral value that has been adopted in the last couple of decades\centuries to people from over a thousand year ago and asking for a justification is the thing that is inappropriate. – UmH 2 days ago