Assalamu alaikum. Recently, I've found out I've been getting frequent emissions at night. I remember seeing a dream but don't remember seeing any sexual content in it. However, on one website it said that emissions can either be: Maniy (Semen) or Madhiy (Urethral Fluid)

When I wake up, I usually use a pieice of white tissue or cloth and wipe with it, but the liquid on the tissue is white, and doesn't have a smell and is less in quantity. These are the characteristics of Madhiy, which in this case Ghusl is not required, so I begin to think its madhiy, so I don't do ghusl. The website also told me that Maniyy is yellowish for a female (me) and has a smell, and is emitted in loads (more in quantity). But these characteristics did not apply to what I found on the tissue.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w (pbuh) Also stated that if a man sees a dream and doesnt emit, ghusl is not necessary, but if he doesn't remember seeing a dream and he still emitted, ghusl is necessary. But to be on the safer side, I do Ghusl just incase. However, I was informed that if desire is felt before sleeping, it will be Madhiy, but if not, it will be maniy. I do feel desire before sleeping.

So is the liquid Madhiy or Maniyy, and does it require ghusl? Please inform me!


  • I don't know of any hadith explicitly quoting dreams in the context of nocturnal emissions. And nocturnal emission requires ghusl. – Medi1Saif Jul 31 at 13:38

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