How many Ain ع, How many Lam ل and How many Ye ي‎ in Sura Haqqah? My goal is to find name علي‎, ʿAlī in Suratil Haqqah, and main goal is to find individual letters how many times did they repeat in this Sura. For Example in Ayatul Qursi Ain ع repeated 7 times Ayatul Qursi Lam ل repeated 25 times Ayatul Qursi Ye ي repeated 17 times

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I do not know why you would want this information, but I searched through the surah and apparently there are: 38 occurrences of "'ayn", 117 occurrences of "laam", 103 occurrences of "yaa".

Additionally, And although there is no occurrence of "'Alē", there are three occurrences "'Alā": عَلَىٰ.

I just used zekr to search through the surah; I do not know how accurate these results are.

Jazak'Allah Khayrun.

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