Quran is specific about the kind of rewards faithful men would get in paradise. However, when I read the Quran I haven't found any clarity about what the faithful women would get in paradise.

  • You have read the Quran? Good! Kindly make a list of everything that faithful 'men' would get in paradise. Then explain where it says that each of these is specific to men and not inclusive of women. – UmH Jul 22 at 6:26
  • Yes, sir. I have read the Quran completely in English translation. But I don't remember most of it. Which is why sometimes I do read it in isolated parts. Here are few passages from the Quran where I see what the faithful 'men' would get in paradise--Surahs&verses 44:52-57, 52:17-21, 55:46-78, and 78:31-36. If I am not mistaken, these verses seem to leave out what the believing women would get. I would greatly appreciate any clarification on this matter. The context of these verses is clear enough to understand that they are talking about men. – Prasanna Kumar Jul 22 at 8:41
  • How so? The verses you have quoted, and the verses you have not quoted, are general. They include both men and women. Gardens, food, pleasure, riches, family, peace etc. are rewards for both men and women. Just because of one thing (hoor al-ayn?) you are claiming that the enitre texts exclude women? – UmH Jul 22 at 10:27

Every righteous and believer will enter the paradise. Allah will give everyone their reward for their deeds in the world whether he is man or woman. For your reference check this fatwa https://islamqa.info/en/answers/608/what-is-there-for-woman-in-paradise Allah knows the best.

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  • Dear Sadiqur Rahman thanks a lot for your kind answer. I do agree that the Quran does indicate that all righteous people, both men and women, would enter the paradise. Also I agree with you that as per the Quranic teaching is concerned "Allah will give everyone their reward for their deeds in the world whether he is man or woman." Just one piece is missing with regard to my question i.e. what is the description of the rewards of the females? – Prasanna Kumar Jul 24 at 8:27
  • Eat anything roam just ask Allah he will give you your full reward of your deeds. house made of gold and silver etc – Sadiqur Jul 24 at 9:23

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