The incident is about 4 years ago and I was 17.Once I was coming home by rickshaw from coaching centre. I didn't have enough money to pay the rickshaw puller.So I gave him half money and told him to wait as I was gone to bring the money.It took me a bit time since my parents were not at home. When I was gone one of my uncle told the rickshaw puller to go away.So I couldn't give him the full money.Now I am 19 and extremely shameful for that.I know we should never violate the rights of poor people. Somehow I did. Will Allah forgive me?


You didn't do it intentionally.It was your uncle who told him to go and you were about to give him money.So,I don't think it's your fault.But I hope if you repent Allah will forgive you.He's most merciful and forgiving.So,don't worry and repent.


It is not your fault. If you repent sincerely and promise to never do it again you will forgiven. You should ask forgiveness for him and give charity if possible.

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