According to the Islamqa women do not run between safa and marwa as it may lead to immodesty.

Women, however, do not run, because they are required to cover themselves and be modest, and running may expose their bodies and their charms

Furthermore they say:

Ibn al-Mundhir said: The scholars are unanimously agreed that women do not have to trot around the Ka’bah or between al-Safa and al-Marwah

From my understanding, Islamqa suggests its not obligatory for the women to run/jog.

  1. Is it impermissible for her to run/jog out of remembrance for Hajar ? (provided she can manage to not uncover)
  2. if yes, is it a sunnah(rewarding) if she runs/jogs?

I haven't found a prohibition from Hadith hence my question since the very act men are mimicking was done by a woman (Hajar).

(Looking for Sunni answers)

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    Be aware that moving fast for men is a recommendation not something which they should or have to do, not doing it is not sinful as it was reported by ibn 'Omar in Sunan abi Dawod and also by a-Thirmidhi.
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It is not prescribed and is against the sunnah for women to run.

عن عائشة أنها سئلت: على النساء رمل؟ فقالت: أليس لكن بنا أسوة؟ ليس عليكن رمل بالبيت، ولا بين الصفا والمروة

Ayesha was asked: Should women do Raml?

She said: Is our way not made an example for you? Not on you is Raml of the House (in tawaf), nor between Safa and Marwa.

مصنف ابن أبي شيبة

  • what should they do then? walk?
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