If I want to pay kaffarah, can I ask someone for money. I'm sure my parents would give me money, but I'm afraid that that might not be right cuz it's too easy and its not my money. Is there any ruling on where the money has to come from?


Alslam alikum Brother/sister

There is nothing in Islam as "too easy", Islam is not here to make our life harder it is here to make our life easier and to correct us, as Allah (SWT) said in the holly Quran {Allah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you.} (Quran 1:185) so dont try to make things harder, try to make the right things and the kaffara is not specfied where it should come from so if you dont have the amount for a kafara then inshallah the money from your parents would be inshallah accepted just have it in your hart and intentions that this is a kafara.

Hope this answers your question and sorry for my bad english

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