I'm looking for Quran translation either in hindi/urdu which i can download in my mobile phone

and listen to it often.

I don't want to visit to any page to listen to it, basically i want to download into my phone so that whenever i feel or i'm lonely i will listen to it.

I heard there are many translation, found these translation to be good

  1. Sahi International
  2. Abdullah Yusuf Ali
  3. Pickthall

Please help me to find, thanks in advance


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Islam: The Noble Quran (https://goo.gl/prmwod) It contain saheeeh international ,ahmad raza khan , shakir ,hilali and pickthall, and urdu and hindi translation as well. I also contain audio of different qaris Highly recomended

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    thanks for your answer Commented Jul 5, 2020 at 12:50

first of all thanks to @ahmad butt,

I have found the following links after googling, which i can download


i have found very good translation of the Quran with the voice of Sheikh Sudais https://archive.org/details/hindi-meal which i can download.

even i found

URDU(Sahi International)

with the voice of Sheikh Sudais, Sheikh Shuraim


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