I have read some controversial views about the meeting of Ad-Dhahak and Ibn Abbas. In one source, Ad-Dahak explicitly denies ever narrating anything from Ibn Abbas.

Some people cite Tafsir Ibn Kathir vol. 2 p. 71 and say that it is written in it that Ad-Dahak never met or narrated anything from Ibn Abbas.

According to a narration in al-Jarh wat-Ta'dil by Ibn Abi Hatim ar-Razi, Ad-Dahak never met Ibn Abbas. In this book we can read,

Ibn Abi Hatim narrates with an authentic isnad from 'Abd al-Malik ibn Abi Maysarah that he asked ad-Dahhak: "Did you personally hear anything from Ibn 'Abbas?" Ad-Dahhak replied in the negative. 'Abd al-Malik then asked him: "So this which you narrate (from him), from whom did you take it?" Ad-Dahhak replied: "From this one and that one."

Ibn Abi Hatim, al-Jarh wat-Ta'dil vol. 4 tarjamah no. 2024

However, Imam Ibn Hajr has written in his "Tahdheeb Al-Tahdheeb" that Ad-Dahak was a neighbour of Ibn Abbas.

"Abu Janab al-Kalabi narrated that al-Dahhak said: 'I neighboured Ibn Abbas for seven years."

Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani in Tahdeeb al-Tahdeeb, Volume 4 page 398

Ad-Dahak is found almost 34 times in Asbab-ul-Nuzul by Al Wahidi and he has narrated many narrations from Ibn Abbas.

Did Ad-Dahak never met Ibn Abbas?

  • Please note that ibn Abi Hatim ar-Razi is generally not referred to as ar-Razi to distinguish him from Fakhr ad-Dyn ar-Razi the known mufassir, physician and theologe and ar-Razi the physician. I guess this was the reason for my confusion in the other post. While he is generally known as ibn Abi Hatim who is both a mufassir and hadith scholar. I guess this was the reason for my confusion in the other post. Further a-Dahhak is well known and accepted as a great mufassir, but his hadith is not compiled in both Sahihs because there are simply better and more trustworthy narrators.
    – Medi1Saif
    Jul 3, 2020 at 5:35
  • So far I can confirm the statement mentioned by ibn Abi Hatim. Imam a-Dhahabi says in his siyar a'lam an-Nubala that some people say he never met ibn 'Abbas.
    – Medi1Saif
    Jul 3, 2020 at 6:04
  • @Medi1Saif - But Ibn Hajr Asqalani says that Dhahak met Ibn Abbas. What about that?
    – Ren
    Jul 18, 2020 at 18:51


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