Assalamu Alaikom,

I enjoy playing flight simulators. I have come to find out that the developer of one of the military flight sims I have been looking to purchase also has military contracts on the side. Meaning they develop specialized, private sims for use by a couple of air forces for training purposes (all non-Muslim, and who have actively been involved in campaigns on Muslim lands).

Does this make it Haram to purchase from said developer? Would there be (indirectly) blood on my hands? Where do we draw the line?

These videos could be relevant to put things into perspective:



  1. The original law of dealing business with Non-Muslims including Jews and all their companies (ex : developers) is Halal as long as the transaction was made in accordance with Islamic terms of sale.

  2. The existence of these companies in the Jewish state and their business cannot be regarded as aiding the work of anti-muslim terrorism. Therefore, any such evidence is not strong enough to convince 'direct' aid to anti-muslim work or other evil acts.

  3. The original law will only be changed to Haraam transacting or compelling them to boycott if the supreme Islamic government, the Khalifah (leader) of the entire Muslim world, is leading a boycott to achieve certain goals for Islam.


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