Usually when I get shocked or surprised I would say holy shit. But recently I have found that it is Kufr to say this. Before I didn’t know that saying it was Kufr due to ignorance. One day I was looking at an Islam site and I saw that somebody mentioned holy shit and that day I wondered weather it was haram to say this or not. But I never checked if it was haram or not because I totally forgot about the topic, then days later I caught myself saying holy shit and remembered that I was planning on checking if it was haram or not. So then I checked and it said that it was not only haram but Kufr. So am I excused due to this culpable ignorance (ignorance that occurs when somebody doesn’t check for answers).

  • could you maybe add the source and the opinion that it is kufr? It doesn't sound like something agreed upon at least. – Kilise Jun 27 at 22:47

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