So there are many websites which uploads video courses in their websites in free of costs that are downloaded from other paid websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda etc. Though this courses are given free of cost actually they are paid courses.

  1. Is it permissible or haram for me to download courses from the free websites and learn from them??
  2. Is it permissible or haram for me to share those courses with other peoples so that thay can have those courses??
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  • This might give an answer of this question. – ياsr Jun 20 at 9:46

I think it should be haraam in that sense that you are not paying the royalties or payments you are supposed to give. As I remember a famous hadith of prophet Muhammad, " Pay the laborer before his sweats have vanished". The same goes here! isn't it?

Check the policy, it is ok to share to some extent. That is not a problem if you do it legally. Or just ask them to clarify to what extent you want to share them. Mostly students get a discount when you ask them.

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  • So if i purchase a course online and download it than give one copy to my friends it will be haram?? Means i can not give this to anyone? If anyone ask me for course i have to tell him to buy the course?/ – Ratul9944 Jun 19 at 9:56
  • @S K clearly answered your question in his second paragraph – Abdullah Hatem Jun 20 at 3:12
  • @S K what's your opinion on say pirated movies and tv shows? – EPIC Tube HD Jul 20 at 13:38

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